Making sure that gaming remains a game

Gaming is fun and exciting and that is how it should stay. We monitor the well-being of our guests by registering their visits and keeping a close eye on their behaviour. When someone visits Holland Casino either in person or online, we actively provide information about our games and about gambling addiction. We enter into a dialogue with guests who display high-risk behaviour. If necessary, we have a multi-step plan available to help our guests change their gaming behaviour. And because knowledge of human nature alone is not enough, our employees receive continuous training in the recognition of high-risk behaviour. Specialists from addiction expertise and care organisations ASSISSA, Tactus and Hands help provide this training.
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Independent experts

We actively follow scientific research and publications. We have initiated a Holland Casino advisory group, in which we cooperate with addiction expertise and care organisations ASSISSA, GGZ Nederland, AGOG, AMC/UVA and Tactus. This enables us to constantly adapt our policy to the latest insights.