Reliable slot machines and table games

We check all new slot machines for compliance with current legislative requirements. Once these are in the casinos, we have them checked by the Dutch Gaming Commission. This independent regulatory body tests and calibrates our slot machines and table gaming equipment throughout the year, so we can be certain that all the gaming we provide is honest and fair.


Winning at Holland Casino

We pay out an average of 92% of the money bet back to our guests. The law requires a pay-out percentage of 80% for slot machines. Holland Casino has the highest pay-out percentage in the Netherlands. And this can rise as high as 98.6% for a table game like Roulette. Prizes are awarded randomly and these include both cash and non-cash prizes.


Employees and croupiers

We ensure high-quality and fair gaming by working exclusively with professionals whom we have trained in-house. At Holland Casino, it takes quite a lot of work and training to become a croupier at a gaming table. The selection and hiring procedures are very thorough and the training is to a very high standard indeed. We have various types of employees at Holland Casino who make sure that gaming is fair and reliable. And that supervision is backed up by cameras in the casinos.