Holland casino and the society

We have a special position in society. The vast majority of our guests derive great pleasure from their evening out in the casino. But there are also risks attached to the games we provide, such as gambling addiction and money laundering. We are very much aware of that and believe it is only logical that we make every effort to limit those risks.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Holland Casino’s mission and vision. We deliberately choose to go beyond what the state demands of us. Our definition of corporate social responsibility is:

‘We fulfil our role in society both consciously and structurally, in a way that stretches beyond legal obligation and results in added value for both our company and society as a whole.’

We approach CSR as an integral part of our operations and organisation.

You can read more in our 2017 annual report, which you can find via corporate.hollandcasino.nl/jaarverslag2017

Safe & Responsible Gaming

At Holland Casino, we make every effort to provide our guests with a fun and pleasant evening. Our slot machines and table games provide excitement and surprises, our restaurants serve excellent meals and the entertainment we offer ensures that you will never be bored. But casino games do sometimes entail a certain level of risk.

Safe means a safe gaming environment. The games have to be fair and honest and faultless, the equipment has to be in good order, and guests have to feel safe and at ease when visiting one of our casinos.

Responsible. We want to deal responsibly with the risks of gaming and we want to this in cooperation with our guests.

Safe environment

Safety in the casino starts with identification at the door. Access is limited to visitors who are 18 years of age and older and carry a valid ID or Favorites card. We register ever visit in a national database. But we also do what we can to safeguard your safety once you are inside our casinos. Our security systems are well maintained and checked by independent institutions every year.

Our emergency first responders take part in an annual emergency training course and we keep a close eye on the gaming and security via cameras. Guests who win large sums do not have to carry the money down the street. We offer them the opportunity to deposit their winnings in their bank account.

Reliable games

We use first-class gaming equipment, which the government has tested regularly for reliability. We also use fixed pay-out percentages. Out slot machines have an average pay-out percentage of around 92% (the legal standard is 80%). For a table game such as roulette, this can rise to as much as 98.6%.

Our slot machines and table games are checked and tested by the Dutch Gaming Commission.

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