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Holland Casino offers the most exciting games, and is always welcoming and engaged. Our 14 casinos welcome around 5.8 million people a year. The key to the company’s success is a unique range of games in a safe and reliable environment. Holland Casino is a worldwide leader in its sector when it comes to safe and reliable games. Holland Casino has developed its own Responsible Gaming policy (Preventiebeleid Kansspelen – PBK) in close cooperation with a number of Dutch addiction care organisations. Casino’s games are regulated by two external bodies, the NMi and the Dutch Gaming Commission (Kansspelautoriteit). Casino’s slot machines have an average pay-out percentage of around 92% (the mandatory norm is 80%). For a table game such as Roulette, this percentage can run as high as 98.6%.

Holland Casino’s 3,000 enthusiastic employees make a significant contribution to our guests’ unforgettable experience. Thanks to their guest-centric approach and hospitable attitude, everyone feels welcome to experience the excitement of the games. If you would like to know more about our employees, please click here

Holland Casino is public limited company (Naamloze Vennootschap – N.V.) that remits its net profits to the government, with the exception of additions to the company’s own equity. The Finance Ministry is a pseudo-shareholder. The Justice & Security Ministry is the regulatory body for the gaming sector and the licence permit-issuing body.

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