Mission, vision and strategy

Gaming is a part of life.

We deliver the most exciting gaming experience, always welcoming and engaged.

We build long-term, personal relationships with our valued guests. Our strategy is based on the five principles outlined below:


We exceed our guests’ expectations. We know our guests like no other, we understand them, and we know what drives them and what makes them happy. We constantly aim to surprise them with personal attention and services tailored to each individual guest. In all the choices we make and everything we do, we always put the interests of our existing and future guests first. And this goes for all our employees, too. We make sure that every single day we provide our guests with a truly special experience in our casinos. Our aim is always to be hospitable and respond to individual wishes, plus we are genuinely engaged in our guests’ experience. Dealing with our guests' needs and wishes in this way gives us enormous satisfaction and that is exactly how our guests experience it.


We create new trends and work together in innovative ways. In a world that is changing ever more rapidly, we set the trend in our business. Striving for innovation is a constant within our company. We are aware of just how important it is to constantly look for better solutions and to think outside the box. This applies to both our propositions and how we organise our company. The search for new opportunities and the creation of breakthroughs is at the very heart of our business. We constantly anticipate new trends and developments within and outside our own industry and we want to be free to test those in our own organisation within certain parameters. Where necessary, we use innovation labs to develop and test innovations in products, processes, systems and operating methods. We do this so we can accelerate these processes and so we can think and act freely from an outside-in perspective.


We choose the best partners. We realise that our guests have lot of choice and that visiting Holland Casino is not a given for them. This is why we focus on continuous improvement and innovation. We know our own strengths and what we are good at. We look to partnerships for expertise we do not have or have too little of in-house. We believe that in a dynamic and complex world, we can only build and maintain a solid position within networks of parties that make each other stronger. We look for partners who share our core values and can operate on the basis of the knowledge we have of our guests. Holland Casino wants to remain in charge, especially when it comes to our guests. We are convinced that we can create sustainable value only if our partnerships are meaningful for both Holland Casino and its partners.


We see ourselves very much as a part of society, on a local, regional and national level. We are engaged in our immediate environment and actively participate in same. Where possible, we contribute to developments that improve the quality of society. We build and maintain a network with relevant stakeholders, to ensure we are well positioned at all times; on the one hand, to maintain socially responsible operations, and on the other hand to ensure we can safeguard the interests of Holland Casino right across the board.

We provide a safe gaming environment. Our games are fair, our equipment is in good order and our guests feel safe and at their ease. We make every effort to prevent guests from betting more or playing more often than they can afford. Holland Casino builds long-term relationships with its guests and, in line with that policy, both we and our guests respect laws and regulations and deal responsibly with the risks of gaming. Plus we meet society’s expectations of us as fully as possible by means of our Responsible Gaming Policy (Preventiebeleid Kansspelen – PKB), which is firmly embedded in our organisation.


Our employees excel in their profession and in hospitality. They can provide our guests with the best possible gaming experience. This is what Holland Casino stands for and what all our employees are committed to. They are given the freedom they need to make their own meaningful contribution to this goal. Holland Casino encourages its employees to take ownership of their careers and to constantly improve in their profession. Employees are encouraged to develop their talents in ways that will help them to be sustainably deployable both inside and outside our company. Holland Casino employees have both feet firmly planted in society and change with the world around us.
We create or recognise opportunities and know how to seize those opportunities successfully in the interests of both the company and our guests.