European Dealer Championship 2024 | Holland Casino Venlo

the eca

The European Casino Association (ECA) represents national associations and individual operators of licensed land-based casinos in Europe.

To date, the ECA represents the interests of approximately 900 casinos and over 70,000 employees in 30 countries across Europe.

Founded in the early 1990s as the European Casino Forum, the ECA has grown steadily over the years and today includes members from nearly EU Members States and non-EU countries.

The main purpose and objective of the ECA is to address and promote issues related to casinos  and/or casino operations. In so doing, the ECA hopes to provide a focal point on casino matters for casino operators as well as for EU and national policy makers and stakeholders. To this end, the ECA aims to serve as a network for information; information that shall be used to communicate and work with the EU institutions on anything related to casino operations.

The ECA does not pursue any profit motive. Within said purpose, the association aims to:

  • Collect and provide information on casino operations and casino administration including the assessment of European and national legislation and regulations addressing casino operations.

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the casino industry amongst EU policy makers and stakeholders.

  • Constructively contribute to EU decision making on matters affecting the casino sector.

The ECA and its members understand and recognize that training is crucial in order to learn all the necessary skills to become a good and qualified dealer. To this end, the ECA promotes training and supports its members by always trying to improve professionalism in casinos across Europe.

The European Dealer Championship underlines this ethos while at the same time providing the perfect opportunity to exchange information, expand networks, and meet with friends. The championship also provides European dealers with the opportunity to showcase their high levels of professionalism and promote best practices in creating a welcoming, fun, safe and fair environment in European casinos.

The European Dealer Championship (EDC) made its inaugural debut in Spain in 2007 and has now reached its fifteenth anniversary. Throughout the years, the championship has witnessed a growing number of participants, each contributing to its evolution into an important European competition. Last year, the championship graced Brussels, the capital of Europe and the headquarters of the European Casino Association, with its presence.

This year’s edition of the EDC, will be hosted at the phenomenal Holland Casino Venlo in The Netherlands. Holland Casino Venlo, crowned as Europe's Casino of the Year for 2024, is not just a landmark casino but also holds the distinction of being the most sustainable casino in Europe. We invite all to experience the next chapter of the EDC.

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